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Book is a stack of usually rectangular pages (made of papyrusparchmentvellum, or paper) oriented with one edge tied, sewn, or otherwise fixed together and then bound to the flexible spine of a protective cover of heavier, relatively inflexible material.[1] The technical term for this physical arrangement is codex (in the plural, codices). In the history of hand-held physical supports for extended written compositions or records, the codex replaces its immediate predecessor, the scroll. A single sheet in a codex is a leaf, and each side of a leaf is a page.

The intellectual content in a physical book need not be a composition, nor even be called a book. Books can consist only of drawings, engravings, or photographs, or such things as crossword puzzles or cut-out dolls. In a physical book, the pages can be left blank or can feature an abstract set of lines as support for on-going entries, i.e. an account book, an appointment book, a log book, an autograph book, a notebook, a diary or day book, or a sketchbook. Some physical books are made with pages thick and sturdy enough to support other physical objects, like a scrapbook or photograph album. Books may be distributed in electronic form as e-books and other formats.

"The book was the expressions of a brain still connected to the deepest emotions, and on those pages the higher brain was infused with the guidance of the soul, of empathy and the creative gift. It was humankind's intellect at its finest, showing how these logical abilities are only a blessing when they are combined with love. And so they may have only been papery pages, and only ink from a printing press, they were hope in a way I hadn't felt before. That's what a good writer can do... change the world by showing a beautiful perspective".

We at appreciate the people who still prefer reading when the Digital Age is blooming so fast and therefore have on display a varied category of listing of books. Best selling novels, ancient Indian tales, history, children's books, we have it all.


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