Parenting as the name suggests is one of the most essential and magical moments a mother experiences in her life. The ability to give a birth to a human being and being nourished for a period of 9 months is an ability only a Mother possesses. Babies are referred to as the images of Gods in each and every mother’s eyes and this leads them in bringing about the utmost loyalty, care, nourishment and enhancement for their babies.

The after-birth process that is involved in parenting focuses on the sole enhancement and nourishment of their babies. Babies at their infant ages are still in the earliest of their development stages. Their bodies are still in the process of strengthening their immune systems and are easily prone to their environmental germs and diseases. Babies also require tons of nutrition and exercise as they tend to have very high metabolism rates and if proper and efficient care is not taken, then it leads to the weakening of their overall immune system and health.

Certain products and nourishment therapies are carried out by a Mother during her parenting period. These processes help a lot during the parenting period and it certainly requires the use of efficient and standardized products and efficient techniques:

Nourishment : The phenomenon of providing the right amount of nutrition tothe baby to help them develop a sustaining and efficient immune system andrich health is known as Nourishment. Nourishment is provided via the right amount of nutrition at frequent intervals of time during a day. Breastfeeding is the most basic and efficient ways of nourishment of a new born baby. After the baby crosses the age of 12 months, the infancy period begins where moreconcentration on nourishment is focused. Certain products such as Flavored cream and milk, lactogen products, stage-1 cereals, Honey mixtures, etc. Are the most effective forms of nutrition at the infancy period


Massage : Massaging is one of the most essential and effective ways which helps in stimulating the physical growth of a baby. The body of a baby is still in the early development stages and their skin and bones are vulnerable to the harsh environments. Frequent massaging of their bodies, basic exercises and regular washing and bath helps them achieve an efficient and healthy body along with hygiene. Baby massage oils are the best source of providing gentle massaging followed by basic exercises


Hygiene : Maintaining the hygiene of a baby during their infancy should be one of the utmost priorities during the Parenting period. Their bodies are still in the development age and are prone to harmful germs, bacteria and diseases. Carrying out baths with the use of certified Baby shampoos, soaps, powders and lotions help in the nourishment of their health and developmentof their immune system.


Cleansing : Babies at their infancy period are still not yet familiar with their excretion systems. AS their brain activities are still in the development age, their excretion activities cannot be carried out by them willingly. A helping hand from their parents is what will help them carry out their excretion activities and maintain an overall hygiene. Baby Diapers, wipes, etc. are the most necessary products in keeping the child clean and maintaining their hygiene and excretory activities.

Parenting is such an important phase when the most important aspects of a baby during their infancy I.e. Nourishment & Hygiene need to be taken care of. We at believe in the idea that the usage of natural, certified and branded products for Baby Care will definitely help you in carrying out their nourishment in their infancy and set them on the path of developing high immunity and a hygienic body, mind and soul as they grow up.