As we enter mid-January, we are welcomed with the authentic festivals of Pongal, Makarsankranti and Lohri. These festivals hold a prominent place in India with Pongal celebrated as a major festival in Tamil Nadu, Makarsankranti as a celebratory festival in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and Lohri representing the festival of Punjab and Haryana. 


Pongal is a unique festival celebrated as a multi-day occasion spanning over a period of 3 days. It usually takes place on the 15th of January in Tamil Nadu wherein a million Tamilians begin their respective festivities and rites. On the first day of Pongal, Indra- The God of Rain and Cows are worshipped as they play a major role in the cultivating of crops and agriculture. Offerings are made to them and folk songs are played in honor to showcase their love and respect.



If you happen to visit the houses of Tamil Nadu during the festivities of Pongal, you will come across beautiful designs made with colored powder, known as “Kolam”. The women depict their affection for this festival by making such beautiful Kolams in the houses and offerings are made to the gods. On the 3rd and 4th day of Pongal, offerings are made to cows which hold an important place in the Hindu religion. Women also dedicate their love and affection to their brothers by giving the offerings and even making Kolam. 



Makarsankranti is a prominent festival celebrated in the Western parts of India such as Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. This festival is celebrated on the occasion of the sun entering the Makara calendar marking the end of winter. In Gujarat it is famously celebrated as The Kite Festival wherein millions of people residing in Gujarat fly kites, play music and create an atmosphere of a fun celebration. This festival expands over a period of two days.



Lohri is a jubilant festival celebrated in the states of Punjab and Haryana. Huge pile of fires are observed during this festival and it marks the end of Winter solstice and marks the beginning of longer days leading to the season of summer. as an avid and a blooming e-commerce wishes you all a Happy Lohri, Makarsankranti & Pongal. As 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, we venture into a new era of e-commerce evolvement. The Digital Age continues to grow and e-commerce is one of the most noted entities to benefit from it.