Society is more and more developed, people’s life becomes busier. They are occupied with several social activities and have little time for caring home. Therefore they often buy modern house wares to help them clean up the mess.  In this list Washing machine has top priority in out of home appliances. Because you don’t find a right time to wash your clothes in this modern life style. But when buying a washing machine must understand their mode of operation to be able to choose the most accurate.


The whirlpool white magic premier is Fully-automatic top-loaded washing machine and it has a capacity of 6.5 kg. This washing machine is configured with 6th sense technology that is an added advantage. There is a special sensors which continuously monitor and automatically the performance and offers an outstanding results and significant resource savings.


Due to this technology it gives you a real assistance in washing and drying your clothes. It makes all washing tasks as easy, pleasurable and time efficient as possible. The washing operations will be performed in a expressive fast manner, Which significantly saves your valuable time. This type of washing machine is provided with auto tub cleaner which you need not to worry about cleaning it automatically removes the detergent buildup and other residues, and keep your wash drum nice and clean.


The Agipeller with 3D spring loaded scrub pads knock of tough dirt and gives whitest white wash. This scrub pads ensures a dirt free output. The child lock option is provided in this model. So it won’t be affected or misused by an unauthorized person.

 ZPF Technology:

Fills tub 50% faster even when the water pressure is low as 0.017 MPa. Fastest drum fill time of 5 minutes.  Works even if the height between the tank and tap is as low as 7 ft.


The lint filter is also provided in this model. This magic lint filter avoids untidy look of the clothes. If this filter is not available the lint’s spread on the clothes which gives you a dirty look.    The warranty for this product is 2 years and the motor enclosed in this machine lasts for 10 year.

The several styles of washing will be performed, like Normal wash, express wash, heavy wash, delicate wash, whites. Rinse plus spin, spin only and aqua store options are also available. The maximum rotational speed of motor is 740 rpm. This device can be installed as Free-Standing. This is fully automatic control and it is a user friendly device.


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