On December 25th, Christmas is celebrated all over the world to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s one of the most festive Christian holiday which is both religious and secular. It’s a public holiday even in countries where majority of the population is Non-Christian. People in every country have their own religious and traditional way of celebrating Christmas. Even though the method of celebration varies, the spirit is the same. It’s a season of joy and giving, where friends and family gather together, exchange gifts and partake in a rich and substantial meal. Every home has a traditional Christmas menu passed down from generation to generation.

During the festive Christmas season, homes, offices, public places are all decorated with colorful lights and beautiful ornaments. Decorated Christmas trees can be seen everywhere. In many homes, stars are hung outside. Sending Christmas cards is a tradition that is still continuing, even in this modern age. An important part of Christmas, eagerly awaited by the young and old alike, is the exchanging of gifts. Children look forward to getting gifts from Santa Claus. People go caroling, spreading cheer and happiness the old-fashioned way. It’s a beautiful way to infuse the spirit of Christmas. Nativity plays are staged in schools and churches.

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