What happens whenever we hear the term gift? An adrenaline rush of excitement rushes through our veins. It has the same feeling as of that of welcoming a new year, a new festival or even celebrating our own birthday. It tends to bring the festivities along with itself full of surprises and goodies. 


Gift cards are basically the escape gateway in place of cash or even your bank debit/credit cards. Why do we want to carry all the cards with us at all times when for shopping purposes we can always rely on gift cards to gain extra benefits as well as points. What is confirmed is that it’s always a win-win situation for the individual who attains the Gift Card. 

We at CostKing.in are dedicated to offer services, festivities, delights, delicacies in any shape or form for our Kings. 

We as a company tend to believe in 2 major principles: 


• Trustworthy Consumerism 

• Customer Loyalty  


Add two spoons of the above ingredients and you get a perfect recipe of service. Throwing in some gift cards in it is just like garnishing a dish, served the very best. Gift cards are an essential ingredient for the customer in enhancing their shopping experience and giving them their money’s worth to the last cent. 


Gift Cards or Coupons? 

Confused, aren’t we? We all tend to get mixed up between gift cards and coupons. Although they are the children of the same family bringing in offers and benefits and savings, they tend to have a slight difference between them. 

Coupons are the equivalent of decorated money given to you to save up your own cash, a small magic wand which just requires to be spent on a particular designated product and it shall be yours. Coupons are used on products you need badly but want to have your cash saved on something else. It’s just like a spare key for your house. It works the same way as your cash but coupons is the company’s way of saying “Thank you for being a part of us, here you go with some magic cards”. 



Gift cards are what we consider to be virtual reality of cash. A plastic card with some beautiful designs and rectangular dimensions can get you products with one swipe instead of reaching out to your cash or even your bank debit/credit cards. You end up using it and tag along your friend and he ends up benefitting from it as well. Just like a gift is something everyone can enjoy; a gift card is something everyone can buy your desired products off it. Get it, use it, lend it, buy off it and repeat, that’s what a Gift Card does.  


We at CostKing.in tend to offer goodies not only for the people who tag along with us by becoming members but also for someone who is just in search of a quick bite and wants his appetite to be satisfied. We have introduced a variety of coupons based on the criteria of purchase which should benefit customers looking for their desired products on each scale. Just hold on to your seats for a little while longer as we break down the goodies and extravaganzas, we have launched for you all kings 

Remember that Diwali is where the celebration begins but the festivities we have in store for you intend to be celebrated more then any festival occasion. The more you purchase and refer to a friend, the more you earn. 


1) Use Code CKFIRST250 for Rs. 250 Off on Order Rs.1000 or more. People who are signing up as our customers for the first time shall benefit from this code during their shopping. 

The cart items total should be Rs. 3000 or more, excludes shipping 

 This coupon cannot be applied to a membership purchase 

 Coupons are eligible to purchase any products across the site 


1) Referral Bonus CostKing Cash Voucher: 

  When you refer ‘Prince’ membership Rs. 200 Off on Rs. 1000 or more cart items total, excludes shipping 

  When you refer ‘King’ membership Rs. 400 Off on Rs. 2000 or more cart items total, excludes shipping 

  When you refer ‘Business’ membership Rs. 600 off on Rs. 3000 or more cart items total, excludes shipping 

  1. All of the above coupons are not applicable to purchase membership 

  1. Coupons are eligible to purchase any products across the site 

Make sure that more you refer these coupons to your friends, family members, colleagues, etc, the more you benefit. After the person you referred makes a purchase both of you start getting the benefits of using the coupons. That sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? 




{ Note: Customers who wish to get the referral coupons need to mail to helpdesk@costking.in after they have registered with us. After we make a note of your membership registration and first order we shall release the referral coupon} 



So why wait and ponder over things so much when Diwali is just around the corner. Put on your boots, get your helmet on and start racing your cart at Costking.in.