has been flying upwards steadily the whole year, and we take our hats off in gratitude to each and every one of you who tagged onto us along the way, allowing us to serve you with nothing but the best. Diwali is just round the corner and we wish to greet our Kings with the best offers from our end. Diwali is the festival of lights, the bringer of joy and happiness and the source of a splendid getaway. Allow us to host you as we offer the best products to offer and cherish with us a Diwali of Delight. 


Remember when we were young and burning crackers was the only moment we lived for?  Good things tend to come in 3’s so fire up a membership on be it a Prince, a King or even something to kickstart a Business, and get the benefits which lights up your life like a blazing cracker. 

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Families make Diwali the more merrier and each one of you deserves to be the King 

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• If bigger and better is the way to go; check out our Business membership where we carry out bulk orders at 100% free shipping 

• Sit back and relax as we provide ₹0 Pay Service fee and also a free installation on large appliances 

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  It’s Diwali and we all deserve a spoonful of extra happiness, an extra cracker to burn, one more Rangoli to design, don't we 

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This is the festival where you light an oil lamp and spread and celebrate happiness. tends to serve the customers the genuineness of products they deserve and the loyalty we wish to produce between us. From the whole team of we wish all the kings out there a very.... 

                                                                                      **JOYOUS AND SAFE DIWALI**